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Troubleshooting Tips For AC Repair

Getting a professional AC repair service is always a wise idea when your home’s cooling system malfunctions. However, before you call in a technician to take a look at your unit, try some simple troubleshooting. This way, you can figure out if your HVAC problem is something that you can fix on your own.

Whether you have a window or central air conditioning system, there are a number of common issues that can impact the operation of your unit. Some may be minor but if they aren’t dealt with in a timely manner, they can escalate into major problems.

The most important thing you can do to keep your home cool is to keep up with routine maintenance appointments. When you have a technician come out to inspect and perform a tune-up twice per year, you can expect your system to operate at its peak performance. This means you’ll be less likely to experience any unexpected breakdowns on the hottest day of summer.

One of the most common problems is an AC that doesn’t produce cold air. This typically indicates that there’s a problem with the cooling cycle or perhaps some sort of refrigerant flow issue. Before you call in a technician, go to your home’s electrical panel and check the breaker. If the breaker is still flipped off, you should shut off power to your outdoor unit until it can be fixed by a professional.

Another common AC issue is a noisy air conditioner. If yours is making loud banging noises, it could be a sign that screws and other components are loosening up. When these parts become loosened, they can rattle and bang against each other when your HVAC system turns on. When this happens, your unit will have to work harder to cool your home, putting a strain on the system and increasing your energy bills.

The final common AC issue is an AC that frequently trips on and off. This is usually a warning sign that the compressor has started to wear out or possibly even fail completely. This problem is best dealt with by a trained technician, who can add more refrigerant and recharge the system to get it back up and running again.

Keeping up with routine AC maintenance appointments is the best way to keep your home comfortable. If you have an older air conditioner, it’s worth the extra cost to invest in a newer model if your current one isn’t keeping up with your home’s cooling demands.