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Sports Medicine Chiropractor

Athletes of all ages are increasingly seeking treatment from qualified specialists who can help them stay in the game without the use of pain medications or invasive surgical procedures. Sports chiropractors, like those at Gleason Family Chiropractic: Ashley Giancola, offer a multidisciplinary approach to heal and care for an athlete’s body and are specially trained in the biomechanics of each sport. This enables them to treat the root cause of an injury and prevent future injuries from occurring.

Most people assume that a sports medicine sports medicine chiro care chiropractor is the same as a traditional chiropractor but this couldn’t be more incorrect. While all chiropractors are educated on joint mechanics, sports chiropractic physicians have a deeper level of understanding of the body’s movements and how that can impact the skeletal structure and function. They also have advanced training in the application of modalities (ice, heat, stretching etc.), exercise rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.

Many sports chiropractors are athletes themselves or at least understand the importance of keeping a body in optimal condition. This is what makes them highly effective at helping athletes of all ages to keep up with the demands of their sport, recover from injuries and avoid the risks that can arise from over-training or improper technique. Having a sports chiropractor can help decrease the amount of time an athlete loses from their leisure activities, practice, games or during regular season, which is the biggest reason that many individuals seek this type of care.

In addition to being very goal oriented, sports chiropractors often have a deep and personal connection to their patients. They are likely to have been involved in sports themselves and understand the commitment and dedication required for being an athlete. This enables them to better understand how an individual is feeling both physically and emotionally and can make a huge difference in how well they are able to recover from an injury or to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

A medical doctor who specializes in sports medicine has completed either a primary care or an orthopedic residency program where they learn how to diagnose and repair the various types of orthopedic injuries. This is very different from a surgical sports medicine physician who has undergone a 1 to 2 year fellowship program and is trained in the repair of specific musculoskeletal injuries.

Regardless of what sport they are interested in, the majority of athletes will find themselves seeing a sports medicine chiropractor at some point. They will be the best resource to ensure that an injury is healed properly so that it does not recur or get worse, and they can provide a range of preventative measures that will minimize the risk of future sports injuries. In most cases, an individual who sees a sports injury specialist will have less downtime from their sport and is able to return sooner to their previous level of performance. If you are looking for a local sports injury chiropractor in the Amherst area, contact us today to schedule your appointment.